The Barracks, Pontefract

The Barracks, Pontefract was a stunning Former Army Barracks built in the fortress gothic revival style. It was the former home of the Kings own Yorkshire Light Infantry and in its prime housed 2 infantries of soldiers.

The building had fallen into dis-repair and had changed hand as council offices and latterly as a bar. However, ultimately the building had become derelict and vandalized.

We undertook a detailed review of the building and worked with our architects to develop a scheme to provide over 12,000 sq ft of serviced office space.

The building was constructed of brick with 450mm thick solid walls and cast iron columns, exposed steel beams, concrete floors and a concrete roof.

The Barracks, Pontefract
Refurbished Stairwell by Trilandium

To increase the density of the building, we removed the flat concrete roof and replaced it with a lightweight mansard roof with terraces. This ultimately increased the floor space by over 25%.

The internal elements of the building were simply cleaned, leaving all the exposed brickwork as a feature of the building.

The cast iron columns and steel beams were painted to create an industrial, but contemporary feel. This was complimented by glass partitions and doors.

This iconic building which is a feature of the local sky line quickly became the office of choice in the locality, commanding rents double that of the local commercial office space available.

The construction work was carried out internally, using all our own directly employed trades team, and the results we achieved was to bring to life a building that was seen previously as an eyesore into becoming one of the landmark buildings in the area.

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