Bespoke Residential Property in Ilkley

The delivery of Middleton House was an opportunity to deliver a stunning bespoke residential property in one of Yorkshires most desirable towns. The property involved demolishing a 1960 bungalow and building a stunning gentleman’s residence.

The ground conditions were incredibly challenging as there was virtually no discernable baring pressure of any note and as a consequence required 12m piles driven into the ground. We constructed a full engineer designed concrete ring beam back filling to the oversite with type 1 and fitting heave protection to all internal concrete foundations.

The building was also built at the bottom of a narrow drive and surrounded by protected trees which required care and consideration to our surroundings.

The house whilst appearing simple in its design concept, actually included a parapet wall to the top of the property including the curved walls to the rear bay.

Bespoke House - Ilkley
Middleton House
Bespoke Design House by Trilandium

The roof was constructed using hipped attic trusses and topped off with a welsh Grey slate roof.

The windows were mullioned with heads and cills. And around the top it was fitted with a GRP projecting band course. Which gave the property its grand appearance.

Internally we were fortunate to be able to offer significant value to the owners as they had little understanding of what was required. So we were fortunate that they adopted our suggestions, such as the hand built and painted kitchen, which is a feature of our policy of delivering excellence. Likewise, the bathrooms, the client adopted all our proposals and we are rightly proud of the overall effect that our suggestions made to the quality of the project.

One example of our commitment to delivering what is right, and not what is the cheapest option was our choice in fitting a beam and block floor to the 1st floor despite the architect specifying a TGI floor. Despite him specifying an underfloor heating system.

We made the choice to deliver a solid floor and then covered the under floor heating pipes using gyvlon. The end result was the correct way to deliver the project despite it costing us significantly more. Our belief is that future proofing the project is the best solution, even when the client had specified something different.

We always believe that working with the client’s requirements as a design brief is important, but when we feel we need become more involved in the project, we like to offer our gained expertise even when we gain no financial benefits to the project.

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